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  CURRICULUM VITAE:  Valery  Valentinovich  Mitsyn
Senior Researcher, Chief System Administrator of the JINR Central Information Computer Complex.

Valery  Valentinovich  Mitsyn - Mathematician, high-skilled specialist in various fields of information technologies.

Born:  19 January 1953 in the settlement of Vedlozero, Karelia.

Education:  Graduated MSU, Faculty of Computing Mathematics and Cybernetics (1975), majored in Applied Mathematics.

Professional career:

1975-1977 - Engineer, Design Office "Mashinostroyeniye" in the town of Miass.
1987-1978 - Engineer, Scientific Research Institute "Atoll".
1978-1984 - Junior Researcher, Senior Researcher, Department of radioelectronics, JINR.
Since 1984 - Senior Researcher LCTA/LIT, JINR.
Chief System Administrator of VAX-cluster.
Introduction of new operating systems and corresponding software at JINR.
Creation of a distributed informational - computational resource for JINR users and for the Russian Grid-segment.
Introduction of modern network protocols and advanced technologies at JINR.
Leading role in mastery and introduction at JINR of operating systems of UNIX family (SUNOS, Solaris, DUNIX, HP-UX, AIX, Convex OS, FreeBSD, LINUX) and corresponding software, in the creation of distributed LINUX cluster which is a powerful information resource for JINR users and also an integral component o the Russian GRID segment.

Research interests:
Leading role in implementation of a number of European and national projects on the development of Grid-technologies EU DATAGRID, EGEE (Enabling Grids for E-science), LCG (LHC Computing GRID).
Participant of the Project "Creation of a prototype of the new generation centre of basic Grid-services for intensive operations with distributed data of federal scale" within the federal purposeful scientific technical program "Research and development on the priority leads of the development if science and technology" for 2002-2006.
Leading performer of the "Dubna-GRID" project which is part of the Program of the City of Science and aimed at the integration of computing and information resources in Dubna on the basis of metacluster and Grid-technologies.
Author more than 30 publications.

1995 - Development of the JINR informational - computational infrastructure.
2001 - EU-DataGrid segment in Russia. Testbed WP6.
2005 - Construction Methods and Monitoring in Meta-cluster Systems.

Awards, Prizes:
2004 - Veteran of Atomic Engineering and Industry,
2006 - Medal of the Order " For Service for Motherland" of the 2nd degree,
2006 - Title "Honourable employee of JINR",
2011 - Gratitude of the Governor of the Moscow Region,
2013 - JINR First Prize "JINR Grid Infrastructure as a Component оf Russian and World-Wide Grid",
2016 - Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

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