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August 31, 2006

Dear users of LIT cluster!

Server lxit00 that provides operation with directories /scrc/u/... (scratch area), has successfully worked already more than 6 years. In the middle of July the equipment of the server failed. Unfortunately, we will have to remove this server from operation.

Beginning from Monday, September 4, 2006, the tree of your directories /scrc/u/... will be mounted from another server. Old directories will be mounted on machines lxpub01-:-lxpub05 in /scrco/u/... for the term up to one month or until final failure of server lxit00.

You are offered to copy your files from old directories into new ones. Just imagine that your directory is now located in /scrc/u/zzz. To copy all the directories and files one can run:
cp -a /scrco/u/zzz /scrc/u/zzz

Please do it in reasonable terms, beginning from Monday 4, September, otherwise your files will be gone irrevocable. Please be sure not to copy unnecessary files into the new place or remove unnecessary files after copying in /scrc/u/...

System Administrators of LIT cluster

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