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  • 1 September 2008

    Dear Users!
    Next information was renewed:

    Logical structure of CICC
    General software
    Technical characteristics of the JINR CICC
    Some perspectives of the CICC development

  • 20 August 2008

    Dear Users!
    The whole computation farm will be stopped from 2008-08-22 till 2008-08-30.
    We make our apologies for possible inconveniences.

  • 4 June 2008

    Dear Users!
    On June 4, 2008, a new version of JINR site was launched. That is why we want to inform all CICC users who have personal web-sites in their home directories that the address of your personal web-site will be in place of

  • 19 May 2008

    Dear Users!
    The followings machines will be decommissioned to the end of  May:

    • lxpub05 -:- lxpub07  - interactive machines;
    • myrc01 -:- myrc05  - part of farm for parallel tasks with the use of myrinet interface ;
    • lhc000  - NFS server.

    The interactive machine of lxpub04 will be reinstalled with Scientific Linux 4.6.

    On interactive machines entered limitation for work of processor-bound task is - 1 hour. For processor-bound task use an account farm - batch system. Imposed restriction for nonactive interactive sessions - 10 hours.

  • 25 April 2008

    Dear Users!
    You can ask questions interesting you and to make the suggestions on work by CICC here

  • 14 February 2008

    Dear CICC Users,
    In view of reorganization of the CICC backbone and reconfiguration of some important services of computing and disk resources, a lot of services will not be accessible at all or else will not provide permanent operation from 25 February to 29 February 2008.

    These services are the following:

    1. LCG JINR-LCG2 site - will not operate for the whole period.
    2. Computing farm will not be accessible for the mentioned period.
    3. Access to data dCache - will not be provided.
    4. Access to AFS (HOME and Software) will not be stable.

    We make our apologies for possible inconveniences.

  • 6 February 2008
    Presentation documents of the Conference for Users of JINR CICC (6.02.2008)

  • 31 January 2008

    Dear Users!
    February 6, 2008, at 14.00 (LIT conference hall)
    Conference for Users of JINR Central Information and Computer Complex (CICC) will be held


    1. V. Korenkov
      JINR CICC: current status and perspectives - 25 min.
    2. V. Mitsyn
      Hard- and software configuration of CICC - 30 min.
    3. G. Adam
      Influence of interprocessor relations on the efficiency of parallel applications - 10 min.
    4. M. Kholdurodov, E. Dushanov
      Parallel calculations at CICC - 10 min.
    5. A. Dolbilov
      Network security. General issues of network access at JINR - 20 min.
    6. V. Trofimov
      User work with the data store system dCache - 15 min.
    7. T. Sapozhnikova
      Current status of the program libraries - 10 min.
    8. Information for users of experiments ALICE, ATLAS and CMS
      (Kutovsky N., Gromova N., Tikhonenko E. - 10 min)
    9. General discussion and questions - 1 hour.

  • 28 January 2008

    Dear Users!
    Get acquainted with logical structure of CICC network

  • 21 January 2008

    Added CICC structural scheme

  • 11 January 2008

    Dear Users!
    Please see the current state of CICC

    Technical characteristics of the JINR CICC
    Some perspectives of the CICC development

  • 10 January 2008

    Dear Users!
    Get acquainted with the new logical structure of CICC

    The CICC hardware and software have been modernized

    Contact information changed

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