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Program Library in JINR

CERN Program Library (CERNLIB)

    A big collection of computer programs - libraries and separate modules, the most of them have been designed at CERN and oriented on the needs of physical research labs. The most popular CERNLIB-based applications are PAW and GEANT 3.21.

CPC Program Library (CPCPL)

    International Program Library of the Journal Computer Physics Communications (CPC) is one of the most representative and highly organized software banks for solving the problem of physics, mathematics, chemistry and other areas of knowledge.

JINR Program Library (JINRLIB)

    The library of programs intended for solving a wide class of mathematical and physical problems arising in the course of research work of JINR scientists. The replenishment of the Library by new programs designed by JINR staff members and their collaborants. The Library is spread in the form of object modules and independent packages of applied software.

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