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    LIT provides JINR access to the Russian computer communication networks and information resources via 1 Gbps Dubna-Moscow data link.

    Access to the international resources is provided through the network RBNet+RUNNet in the common data flow of 2.5 Gbps.

    Work on the creation and support of a reliable, protected and high-speed JINR LAN comprises: development of a failure-tolerant architecture of the backbone, creation of the monitoring and management system of the JINR LAN, provision of high speed data transfer within the LAN, creation of a security system, as well as optimization of information flows in the JINR computer network..

    The stage-by-stage development of the JINR network structure resulted in the creation in 2003-2005 of the JINR Backbone based on the Gigabit technology (1000 Mbps). The work was rewarded with the JINR First Prize for 2005.

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