Онлайн-семинар "Quantum Networks"

Среда, 24 ноября 2021     

Уважаемые коллеги,
24 ноября в 19:00 МСК в рамках консорциума "Сетевые и облачные технологии" состоится online-семинар от https://networkingchannel.eu

Тема: "Quantum Networks"


Quantum technologies, and among them computing and quantum communications, are starting to come out of research laboratories and will likely have an increasing impact over information technologies during the next decades. Initially, “networks” aspects of this research were limited to point to point communications, but they have now extended to truly networked systems, ranging from actually deployed quantum key distribution (QKD) networks to the development of hardware, network protocols for a future quantum internet connecting several quantum computers, as well as an exploration of potential applications.