Онлайн-семинар "Magma : Current Focus and Road Ahead for 5G"

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в среду 27 апреля в 19:00 МСК в рамках консорциума "Сетевые и облачные технологии" состоится онлайн-семинар от https://networkingchannel.eu

Тема: "Magma : Current Focus and Road Ahead for 5G"



Magma began as a project to bring modern software defined networking techniques to bear on the challenges of rural Internet access. The experience building rural networks taught its founders that policy-rich network edges and simple fabrics were a broadly applicable design approach for building flexible, low-cost, and scalable networks, even outside the data center. Magma’s early design decisions reflect this core insight as well as its earliest use cases: small-scale, low-cost community networks and for coverage extension through federation with existing mobile networks.

Every mobile network needs a high-performance packet core at the center of its network. But the market has made it impossible for MNOs, ISPs, MSOs, and Enterprises to buy, deploy and maintain the latest technologies at a reasonable cost. In order to advance Magma’s mission to connect more people with better internet, Meta Connectivity has developed and open-sourced this market-leading Enhanced Packet Core to bring the most advanced packet core technology at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership to MNOs, ISPs, MSOs, and Enterprises that need to launch.