Онлайн-семинар "AI for networking, and networking for AI"

Среда, 10 мая 2023     

Уважаемые коллеги,
в среду 10 мая в 18:00 МСК в рамках консорциума "Сетевые и облачные технологии" состоится online-семинар от https://networkingchannel.eu

Тема: "AI for networking, and networking for AI"


  • Christophe Diot – Principal Engineer at Network Operations team, Google
  • Jim Kurose – Professor of College of Information and Computer Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst


The use of AI/ML techniques in networking has generated a lot of excitement and recent research. This panel will bring together researchers working at the AI/networking boundary to reflect on the problems and types of problems that can be successfully addressed by AI/ML techniques. The panelists will discuss areas where AI/ML may offer particularly fruitful opportunities, and the characteristics (timescales, available data, intra-versus-inter network, layers in the protocol stack, management?) of these areas, and what special networking support (if any) is needed for platforms supporting such uses of AI/ML in networking.