Четверг, 18 января 2024
MLIT Room 310

Seminar of the participants of the poster presentations by young scientists on the 58th meeting of the PAC for Condensed Matter Physics

  1. Dina Badreeva
    "Coarse-grained simulation of phospholipid membrane self-assembly in the presence of amyloid beta peptides"
  2. Maxim Bashashin
    "Numerical study of the influence of model parameters on the effect of magnetic moment reversal in systems of φ0 Josephson junctions with pulsed and inductive current sources"
  3. Adiba Rahmonova
    "Development of Python-based tools for modeling the dynamics of systems based on Josephson junctions"
  4. Anastasia Anikina
    "Morris Water Maze and Open Field: development of web service prototypes for automating videodata analysis for behavioral tests"
Information on the seminar is available at Indico.