Среда, 31 января 2024
MLIT Room 310, Online seminar via Webinar
Vasilisa Lenivenko

Algorithms and software for charged particles trajectories reconstruction in detector systems upstream of the analyzing magnet and ion identification in the SRC at BM@N experiment


BM@N (Baryonic Matter at Nuclotron) is a fixed target experiment that is a part of the new NICA collider complex. In 2018, the BM@N physics program was enriched by the Short-Range Correlations (SRC) topic, dedicated to studying the properties of SRC in the nucleus.
The algorithms for charged particle trajectory reconstruction in the multiwire proportional chambers and silicon detectors in the SRC at BM@N experiment will be discussed at the seminar. All algorithms have been developed and implemented in the BmnRoot software. The main characteristics of the coordinate detectors in front of the analyzing magnet are assessed and analyzed. The reconstruction has been developed for both simulated and experimental data, with the ability to process the SRC data and the data from the main BM@N experiment. Identification of the final state ions using the MDF (Multi-Dimensional Fit) method was performed for the SRC at BM@N experiment.

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