For users

General network services

Registration of JINR Network Users All JINR staff members and seconded personnel using network and computer resources have to be registered with the lit network service of jinr.
E-mail Services JINR web-based email and other services
Remote Access The remote access service to the JINR network is designed to provide with access to the computing and computer resources of the JINR network from the home, as well as to the external channel.
Service of IP-telephony Service voice data transmission through the local network and the Internet
Other services DNS, SMS, proxy services

Computing services

Cloud Services Access to the JINR private cloud infrastructure
Heterogeneous Platform “HybriLIT” Service allowing to develop parallel applications for carrying out computation using various computing architectures
Grid Infrastructure Access to high-performance distributed computing
JINR Central Information and Computer Complex Integrated data-processing resource for all local and international JINR projects
JINR Disk Service of stores and makes available linked open data about the collegiate

Users support

JINR helpdesk Support for users of different JINR computing services
JINR personal room Wi-Fi access at JINR

Research support

Access to the scientific libraries Manage users of the JINR network access to to many scientific libraries
Indico system Access to the scientific activities of the Institute
PM system The system of automated project management based on Redmine
GitLab Service for software development
JINRLIB Access to program library for solving a wide range of physical and mathematical problems
ROOT The package of object-oriented programs and libraries for processing experimental high-energy physics data

Administration Information Systems

JINR Document Server Institutional Open Access repository of articles, preprints and other materials that reflect and promote research activities at JINR
Personal employees information Personal information about the JINR employees (PIN) and the results of their scientific activities