JINR School of Information Technologies

JINR School of Information Technologies

The JINR School of Information Technology is aimed at involving young specialists in solving problems in various fields of science using modern information technologies. At School, students get acquainted with the JINR program and, if interested, get the opportunity to choose the topics of their final qualifying works.



  • The Autumn School involves familiarization with JINR and its tasks;

  • The Spring School – student reports on the work done in JINR projects.


    undergraduate and graduate students specializing in information technology.

Scientific directions:

  • Distributed and High-performance Computing for the Preparation, Implementation and Support of Experimental and Theoretical Research Carried out within JINR Large Research Infrastructure Projects.

  • Mathematical Modelling, Numerical Methods and Algorithms for Solving JINR Applied Tasks.

  • Modern Methods and Technologies of Information Processing and Analysis.

  • JINR Digital EcoSystem.

  • Support and development of the JINR Multifunctional Information and Computing Complex (MICC).