MLIT sites

Network & Computing portals

Multifunctional Informational and Computer Complex

Single environment combining supercomputer (heterogeneous) grid and cloud complexes and systems

JINR Network service

Enabling you to collaborate with colleagues across the JINR and beyond to access the online resources you need wherever you are


Computing cluster with a heterogeneous architecture is part of the Multipurpose information and computing complex (MICC)


Software-hardware infrastructure, providing safe, compatible, ubiquitous and inexpensive access to considerable processing power resources

Central Information and Computer Complex

CICC is an integrated data-processing resource for all local and international JINR projects. It comprises an interactive farm, a few computing farms and a data storage system

Users support

JINR helpdesk

Support for users of different JINR computing services

JINR disk

Cloud storage service for JINR employees

Information Systems

JINR Digital EcoSystem

This is a complex digital environment that combines a large number of information services and business processes based on the principles of mutually beneficial relationships (“win-win”)


Indico provides features for the management of the entire conference lifecycle, as well as for meetings and single lectures

Personal employees information

Personal information about the JINR employees (PIN) and the results of their scientific activities

JINR Document Server

Open Access archive-repository of articles, preprints and other materials that reflect and promote research activities at JINR

Licensed software & Computing libraries

Software products in the MLIT

Information support and automation of the acquisition, maintenance, use and accounting of licensed software products in the MLIT

Program libraries

The program library complex for solving a wide range of physical and mathematical problems originated in JINR researcherʹs scientific activity

ROOT software package

The package of object-oriented programs and libraries for processing experimental high-energy physics data