Division of Computer Communications and Distributed Information Systems

Leader of the Division: Korenkov Vladimir Vasilievich
+7 (496) 216-2526
Deputy Head of the Division: Goloskokova Tatiana Mikhailovna
+7 (496) 216-3144
Department 1 distributed systems
Group 1 technical and system support and development of UNIX
Leader: Mitsyn V.V.
Department 2 heterogeneous computing and quantum informatics
Leader: Podgainy D.V.
Department 3 distributed information systems and databases
Leader: Nikonov E.G.
Group 1 digitzing of graphic information
Department 4 maintenance and administration CES
Leader: Belov S.D.
Group 1 development and maintenance of information-analytical systems
Leader: Kuniaev S.V.
Group 2 development and maintenance of institute information systems
Leader: Filozova I.A.
Group 1 maintenance and administration CES
Leader: Prikhodko A.V.

Division of Computational Physics

Leader of the Division: Ján Buša
+7 (496) 216-4819
Deputy Head of the Division: Akishin Pavel Grigorievich
+7 (496) 216-2630
Department 1 simulation methods of physical processes and observation data analysis
Leader: Ivanov V.V.
Department 2 nonlinear system simulation methods
Leader: Ayryan E.A.
Department 3 methods for solving mathematical physics problems
Leader: Amirkhanov I.V.
Department 4 calculations of complex physical systems
Leader: Zemlyanaya E.V.
Department 5 algebraic and quantum computation
Leader: Khvedelidze A.

Division of Software and Information Support

Head of the Division: Zrelov Petr Valentinovich
+7 (496) 216-4350
Deputy Head of the Division: Kalmykova Lidiya Anatolievna
+7 (496) 216-3961
+7 (496) 216-4695
Group Automated Control Systems Leader: Borisovskiy V. F.
Department 1 of JINR central information servers maintenance and presentation tools
Leader: Kalmykova L.A.
Department 2 of software development on the large program complexes and data visualization tools
Leader: Zrelov V.P.
Department 3 of development and standartization of software
Leader: Sapoznikova T.F.
Department 4 of real-time distributed systems
Leader: Aleksandrov I.N.
Group 1 of projection systems
Leader: Kazakov A.A.

Engineering Technology Division

Leader of the Division: Dolbilov Andrey Gennadievich
+7 (496) 216-3429
Deputy Head of the Division: Shishmakov Mikhail Leonidovich
+7 (496) 216-7463
Group 1 electroengineering
Leader: Ovechkin V.V.
Group 2 technical servers support and LIT computer park
Leader: Vorontsov A.S.
Group 3 technological systems maintenance
Leader: Gavrish A.P.
Department of development and exploitation JINR Networking
Leader: Fariseev V.Ya.
Group 1 software and technical support JINR Network basic segment in LIT
Leader: Gavrilov S.V.

Department of Scientific Secretary

Leader of the Department: Derenovskaya Olga Yurievna
+7 (496) 216-4826

Division Technological and Economical Service

Head of the Division: Grafov Alexandr Nikolaevich
+7 (496) 216-7323
Deputy Head of the Division:Soldatov Максим Михайлович
+7 (496) 216-2926
Group 1 services
Leader: Ivanova V.V
Group 3 instalation and repair of eguipment
Leader: Soldatov M.M.

Group of Documentation, Human Resources and supply

Leader of the Department: Plyashkevich M.S.
+7 (496) 216-2315