Vacant positions

To participate in the elections for vacant positions, you must submit the following documents:

  1. An application to the Director of JINR.
  2. Scientific biography.
  3. List of main scientific publications and inventions.
  4. Documents on higher professional education and academic degrees.
Documents should be submitted to MLIT Scientific and Technical Council (STC): room 350, building 134 or by post to the address: 141980, Dubna, Moscow region, Russia, Joliot-Curie 6, JINR (with a postscript: in STC MLIT - for elections).
When sending documents by post, you should take into account the time of their delivery. Documents for participation in the elections received after the deadline for admission, including those sent by post, will not be accepted.
Additional information on the procedure and conditions for holding elections for scientific positions at JINR can be obtained from MLIT Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Council Edik Artashovich Ayryan, room 350, MLIT building.
Tel.: +7 49621 64875; e-mail:

More about current vacancies in MLIT