Methods & Algorithms


Zrelov Petr Valentinovich

Candidate of Science (Physics & Maths)

Ivanov Victor Vladimirovich

DSc (Physics & Maths)
Development of new mathematical methods for extracting significant information from data obtained in experiments conducted with the participation of JINR; algorithms and software complexes for solving problems in high energy physics, nuclear physics, condensed matter physics, including the LHC, NICA, FAIR accelerator complexes, as well as the experimental facilities of the JINR neutrino program.
- Improvement of the FTF model of the Geant4 package and refinement of its parameters for simulating of proton-nuclear, core-nuclear, proton-proton and deuteron-deuteron interactions in the framework of the joint project of the PANDA and HADES collaborations - Phase-0 and Phase-1 (GSI), as well as for the NICA / SPD experiment and the analysis of experimental data from BM@N (JINR) and NA61 / SHINE, and the planning of CBM experiments (GSI) and MPD (JINR / NICA).
- Software support of ATLAS experiment, agreed with the ATLAS computing team: support of components that was implemented in LIT; support and improvement of tool for ATLAS network monitoring dashboards.
- Development of algorithms for processing experimental data acquired with the planes of microstips tracking detectors (GEM and SILICON) for the current configuration of the BM@N/NICA setup.
- Investigations on the possibility to construct effective neural net algorithms for event reconstruction in TAIGA experiment.
- High order mean-square piecewise polynomial approximation based analysis of the slow noise changes of the power of the IBR-2M reactor.
- BAIKAL project: Development of the data acquisition software. Development of alert system.
- Development of methods and software for automatic calibration of multi-detector systems.
- Development of methods for the simulation of the reflection of neutrons from layered nanostructures.
- Investigation of statistical features of the Internet traffic. Analysis of external impact on the statistical characteristics of the information traffic.
- Development of new methods for computation of kinetic, thermodynamic, and optical parameters of intermediate compunds in reactions of transition metal ions with heterocyclic compounds.