Numerical Computing


Adam Gheorghe

DSc (Physics & Maths), Professor

Zrelov Petr Valentinovich

Candidate of Science (Physics & Maths)

Streltsova Oksana Ivanovna

Candidate of Science (Physics & Maths)
Development and support of the information-computing environment of the heterogeneous platform HybriLIT including installation and maintenance of specialized libraries and application software packages:
- development and implementation of new parallel algorithms for computations on hybrid architectures, including Intel Xeon Phi (KNL) processors and NVIDIA graphics accelerators.
- optimization and analysis of the performance of developed packages of parallel programs using various parallel programming techniques.
- study of helium single ionization by fast proton impact in different kinematic regimes.
- development and support on the HybriLIT platform of a program devoted to particle identification in the search for anomalous lepton.
- study of the efficiency of various parallelization techniques implemented in the ROOT package, when computing on the heterogeneous HybriLIT platform.
- fast FEM algorithm for numerical solution of the 3D problems of magnetostatics in COMSOL Multiphysics environment capable of yielding the high accuracy field maps for dipole magnets with superconducting coils.