Thursday, April 26, 2018
LIT, r.310
O. O. Yakushkin
(St-Peterburg SU)

Decomposition of the problem solving methods using services in a distributed computing environment

(Materials of a PhD thesis)

The report discusses a technique for modeling various distributed service systems from a viewpoint of building architectures, analysis of protocols of interacting components of the systems and the resources consumed by them, numerical modeling of the considered distributed system and integration of data received during work of the system into the considered model.
A system allowing one to make the analysis of loading resources of the system and interaction of its components is presented; a program platform allowing one to realize a service system on the basis of the constructed model and to make diagnostics of the system during work to optimize the plan of its further development.
A technique of modeling distributed service systems is presented that includes a simulation model based on Petri nets; algorithm of modeling distributed systems using the model presented; technology for modeling systems within the presented model.