Thursday, June 7, 2018
LIT, r.310
N.V. Korepanova, N.D. Dikusar, Y.N. Pepelyshev, M. Dima

Using the Mean-Square Piecewise Approximation for Neutron Noise Analysis in the IBR-2M Reactor

(Report to the conference)

The full range of noise energy pulses reaches ± 22% under normal conditions of operation of the IBR-2M reactor (JINR-Dubna). Therefore, slow changes in average power, caused, for example, by the movement of regulatory bodies, “drown” in the noises. But in a number of cases, it is these slow components of the pulse energy variation, the so-called basic signals (baseline), are of fundamental importance for justifying the conditions for safe operation of the reactor. To determine the baseline in the noises of the IBR-2M the sixth order mean-square piecewise polynomial approximation (MSPPA-6) was used for the detection of the baseline in the noises of IBR-2M. The algorithm MSPPA-6 depends on control parameters α, β, M end K, the optimal values of which depend on the initial noise parameters. The algorithm was applied to both the static and the dynamic state of the reactor in the range of an average power of 30 kW–2 MW. The average processing time of one point on a PC x86_64 the Processor Intel Core i5-4570 Sandy Bridge machine, 3.20 GHz, was 0.05 ms, which allows using the MSPPA-6 algorithm in real time.

A.D. Kovalenko, E.E Perepelkin, A.A Tarelkin, R.V.Polyakova

Numerical Simulations of the SPD NICA Setup

A review of magnetic system calculations for the SPD setup is given. Three basic model classes are considered: solenoidal, toroidal and hybrid. Various magnetic system configurations are discussed for each of the three above-mentioned models. Values of the main parameters are reported for each configuration. Based on the obtained results, the main advantages and disadvantages of the three model classed are discussed.