Thursday, December 20, 2018
LIT, r.406(1)
A.V. Novikov-Borodin
(Institute for Nuclear Research RAS, Moscow, Russia)

Reconstruction, Optimization and Modeling the Experimental Data of Measuring Systems Using Step-by-Step and Combined Shifts Methods

There are considered the numerical methods of step-by-step and combined shifts and their modifications for reconstruction the pulse response of measuring systems from given one consisting from many superposed pulse responses. Methods give a possibility of finding the response with the superposition function of optimal kind or modeling the response from the initiating pulse of less duration, which means the increasing the resolution of the measuring system. There is considered the possibility of implementation of these methods for reconstruction of smudged images or smudged objects in them. The comparative analysis of proposed methods is presented, the inaccuracies of numerical reconstruction depending on different kinds of superposition functions, volume of experimental data and noise levels are estimated. Examples of reconstruction of experimental data and images are presented.