Wednesday, March 18, 2020
LIT Conference Hall

Memorial seminar dedicated to the 90th anniversary of N.N. Govorun is canceled!

The seminar will be announced later.

Programme of the seminar (draft):

11.00 Memorial Seminar
Speech of the LIT and JINR Directorates
Speeches by Guests
13.30 Excursion to the JINR MICC / Furshet
15.00 Scientific seminar
D.V. Podgainy (LIT) "Supercomputer "Govorun" for JINR tasks"
V.V. Braguta (LTP) "QCD on a lattice"
A. Kischel (LHEP) "The Role of the supercomputer "Govorun" in the MPD Experiment"
A.A. Mosckovskiy (RSK Technologies) "Organization of work with Big Data on the supercomputer "Govorun""