MoNeTec-2020 - two weeks before the end of the reception of reports

Dear colleagues! Received information from the Program Committee of the International Science and Technology Conference «Modern Network Technologies, MoNeTec-2020» that there are 2 weeks left before the deadline for receiving reports.
The conference is prestigious and supported by international associations.
At the meeting of the Program Committee, LIT Director V. V. Korenkov predicted that the JINR will present 3-5 reports at this conference, including issues of computing for mega-science projects and quantum software engineering.
The Conference will include plenary reports by foreign and domestic scientists on the actual problems of latter-day networks and their applications, regular reports on the conference topics, poster session for students, industrial session for vendors. Also, a number of tutorials on network technologies and industrial solutions will be arranged for young engineers, scientists and students.
The organizers of the conference invite JINR scientists to participate, expects the activity of researchers and wait for the receipt of relevant reports!
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