Wednesday, September 9, 2020
LIT Conference Hall, Online via Webex
Alexander S. Ayriyan

Algorithms for numerical simulation of thermal processes in cells of molecules supply to ion source

(Materials of a PhD thesis)

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Currently, it has become essential to develop precise methods for selecting and rapidly delivering molecules of particular substances into ion sources, for example, in particle accelerators for either high-energy physics research or for hadron therapy to treat oncological diseases. JINR VBLHE is developing such methods based on the practical use of the partial pressure dependence on temperature of various gaseous substances. Thus, the technology of "temperature valves" was proposed for pulse injection as an alternative to conventional mechanical flaps. To improve the efficiency of the suggested design and optimise the molecular injection cells for the supply of working substances into ion sources, numerical modelling of rapid thermal processes is required. This thesis aims at developing and implementing parallel numerical algorithms to simulate thermal processes occurring in devices for injecting gas into the ionization chamber of a multi-charge ion source, as well as the solution of the optimisation problem for properties of such devices. Large-scale calculations performed on the supercomputer Govorun to solve these optimization problems demonstrated the significant acceleration of computations. Therefore, the created software package provides an opportunity to streamline further research and efficiently optimise the devices implementing "temperature valves".