Thursday, October 22, 2020
Lit conference Hall, Online via Webex
Namiot Dmitry Evgenievich
Lomonosov Moscow State University

Network proximity technologies: concept, models and algorithms, distributed systems and services

based on the doctoral thesis

Network proximity technologies, i.e. the concept, models and algorithms, distributed systems and services, are considered. The purpose of the given paper is to substantiate and create a new approach to the design and development of services (applications) using location aware services. The proposed approach expands (complements) or completely replaces the classical models of geographic information services. In contrast to the latters, this approach uses existing (or additionally introduced) nodes of wireless networks to deploy the service, while the work with geographic coordinates is completely excluded and replaced by a direct determination of spatial proximity based on the availability of signals from nodes of wireless networks. In the proposed model, services are automatically localized (available only in a limited area), and tracking the work of clients from outside this area is excluded.
The proposed model enables the creation of services without infrastructure support, and the non-use of geographic coordinates (geographic computing) allows avoiding problems that limit the application of global positioning technologies (GPS) on mobile devices. The paper provides a comprehensive consideration of the proposed model, including its reasoning, the determination of the area and boundaries of its application, the classification of possible services, methodological support of the given approach, the implementation of new context sensitive mobile services, proposals for changing the standards for the corresponding network interfaces, development tools using new forms of presenting contextual information, the use of the proposed tools in the educational process.

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