Brief IT course in JINR Information Centre

The Cloud Technology Group of the Laboratory of Information Technologies JINR jointly with the HybriLIT group held a short introductory course on cloud computing and parallel programming on the basis of the JINR Multifunctional Information and Computing Centre. The course was provided to students of the North Ossetian State University and other universities the students of which were interested in mastering these technologies.

Classes were held in a mixed format using a videoconferencing on the platform of the JINR Information Centre in the South of Russia, which celebrated two years since its opening.

In the framework of the tutorial “Introduction to cloud technologies”, participants under the supervision of the speaker, a LIT researcher Elena Mazhitova were acquainted with the history of the cloud technology development, reviewed different types of cloud services, studied the basics of visualization, were acquainted with the OpenNebula cloud platform, both in theory and practice. The next day, a LIT senior researcher Jan Busa Jr. and a LIT researcher Alexander Ayriyan taught students the basics of work at the HybriLIT heterogeneous computing platform, as well as the basics of various programming frameworks, such as MPI, Open MP, and CUDA. After finishing the theoretical part of the course, students got homework on doing tasks at the HybriLIT supercomputer cluster. According to the results of the homework, the best students will be selected on 7 December.

Event program and materials