Wednesday, July 14, 2021
MLIT Conference Hall, Online seminar via Webex
Oleynik Danila

Methodology and software for integrating supercomputers into the distributed data processing system of the ATLAS experiment

(based on the PhD thesis)

The talk will present the results of research and development carried out by the applicant within the BigPanDA project. A methodology for integrating high-performance computing (HPC) resources (supercomputers) into distributed high-throughput computing (HTC) systems for processing scientific data will be described. The implementation of this methodology will be shown as both a prototype and a full-scale software package in the frames of the PanDA workload management system (PanDA WMS). A set of recommendations for managing high-throughput data processing on HPC infrastructures are formulated as one of the research results. The possibility of increasing the efficiency of using leadership computing facilities is demonstrated.

More information on the seminar and the link to connect via Webex are available at Indico.