Online-seminar "Optimal Placement of Social Digital Twins in Edge IoT Networks"

Dear Colleagues,
Deсember 17 at 16:00 MSK within the consortium "Network and Cloud Technologies" online-seminar will take place.

Topic: "Optimal Placement of Social Digital Twins in Edge IoT Networks"

Olga Chukhno, Early Stage Researcher within A-WEAR European Joint Doctorate network and PhD student at Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria, Italy and Tampere University, Finland.

In next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) deployments, every object such as a wearable device, a smartphone, a vehicle, and even a sensor or an actuator will be provided with a digital counterpart (twin) with the aim of augmenting the physical object’s capabilities and acting on its behalf when interacting with third parties. Moreover, such objects can be able to interact and autonomously establish social relationships according to the Social Internet of Things (SIoT) paradigm. In such a context, the goal of this work is to provide an optimal solution for the social-aware placement of IoT digital twins (DTs) at the network edge, with the twofold aim of reducing the latency between physical devices and corresponding DTs for efficient data exchange, and among DTs of friend devices to speed-up the service discovery and chaining procedures across the SIoT network. To this aim, we formulate the problem as a mixed-integer linear programming model taking into account limited computing resources in the edge cloud and social relationships among IoT devices.