Tuesday, January 18, 2022
Room 310, Online seminar via Webex

Seminar of the participants of the poster presentations by young scientists on the 56th meeting of the PAC for Particle Physics

  1. Nikolay Voytishin
  2. "Hit Reconstruction Enhancement in the Cathode Strip Chambers of the CMS Experiment"
  3. Dmitry Baranov
  4. "Software development for tracking detectors of the first experimental BM@N run in 2022"
  5. Pavel Goncharov
  6. "Deep learning methods and software for the reconstruction of elementary particle trajectories"
  7. Daria Priakhina
  8. "Software complex for simulating data processing within the NICA experiments"
  9. Igor Pelevanyuk
  10. "DIRAC Interware as a service for high-throughput computing at JINR"

More information on the seminar and the link to connect are available at Indico.