JINR Prizes for 2021

The JINR annual prizes for best papers in the fields of scientific research, methodology, research and technology, and applied research were awarded by the decision of the 131st session of the JINR Scientific Council that was held in the mixed format on 24 – 25 February 2022.

1. Physics Instruments and Methods. Second prize
was awarded for the work
“Development and implementation of a unified access to the heterogeneous distributed resources of JINR and its Member States on the DIRAC platform” Authors: V. Korenkov, N. Kutovskiy, V. Mitsyn, A. Moshkin, I. Pelevanyuk, D. Podgainy, O. Rogachevskiy, V. Trofimov, A. Tsaregorodtsev
2. Encouraging Prize
was awarded for the work
“Test of the Standard Model and search for new physics in the Dimuon Final State with the CMS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider”
Authors: I. Golutvin, A. Zarubin, V. Zykunov, V. Karjavin, V. Korenkov, A. Lanyov, V. Matveev, V. Palchik, M. Savina, S. Shmatov

Congratulations to our colleagues! We wish them continued creative success!

LIT winners of JINR prizes