JINR University Centre: information for supervisors

Dear Colleagues!

JINR University Centre has developed a service that will allow systematization of work with graduate students.
We invite you to consider adding topics of qualifying papers for students to the JINR University Centre website. For this you need:

- click on the "Предложить тему" button at the bottom of the page
- fill out the form (contact phone and e-mail are available only to page administrators)
- confirm the application using the link that will be sent to the specified mail.

Once the theme is approved, it will be publicly available.

A link with the proposed themes of theses will be distributed among university students.
Students will have the opportunity to choose a job and respond to your application. The decision to accept a student or not is up to you, his contacts will be available to you and you can contact him directly for an interview.
After assigning a thesis to a student, the topic becomes inactive. The text of the diploma will need to be uploaded to the site. This mechanism will allow you to quickly track the relevance of topics and keep a record of written papers at JINR.