JINR-Russia-Serbia: search for something new at the intersection of IT, physics and biology

On April 28, 2022, a workshop "Computational Biology and Physics" was held. The main objectives of the workshop are the issues of joint scientific cooperation between the Laboratory of Radiation Biology of JINR, the Meshcheryakov Laboratory of Information Technologies of JINR and scientific organizations of Serbia.

The joint research conducted by LRB and MLIT on the development and implementation of algorithms for automation of radiobiological research was the beginning of cooperation between JINR and scientific organizations of the Republic of Serbia — JINR associate member. The project The Computer-Assisted Identification, Characterization, and Modeling of the Historical Data" was supported under the Cooperation Agreement between JINR and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Serbia, and launched in 2022.
"We hope that working together we will achieve bright results, because combining physics with biology in one project in combination with the most modern computer technologies gives broad prospects for research" noted the deputy Director of MLIT JINR T. A. Strizh, opening the meeting.

The participants discussed some topical problems in the field of neuroradiobiology and radiology, as well as technological and information tools for automating the relevant research and data processing.

The results of the meeting were summed up at the general discussion. The possibility of further development of the information system (a joint project of MLIT and LRB), the inclusion of specialized algorithmic blocks and services for joint biomedical research was considered.