MLIT – an information partner of "Digital Breakthrough 2022. Season: Artificial Intelligence"

The Meshcheryakov Laboratory of Information Technologies (MLIT) became an information partner of the competition "Digital Breakthrough 2022. Season: Artificial Intelligence". The Laboratory’s specialists in artificial intelligence and machine learning formulated the task on plant disease detection using neural networks with a small training dataset.
Alexander Vladimirovich Uzhinskiy, MLIT leading programmer: “A multitude of tasks in the field of data analysis are solved at the Laboratory; however, most of them require certain competencies. For example, people from the outside may experience problems when solving the task of reconstructing the trajectory of a particle passing through a detector. Therefore, we tried to select a task, the solution of which requires only knowledge in the field of image classification using neural networks. The task on plant disease detection by photos is of great practical importance since crop losses because of diseases and pests may reach up to 30%”.

We hope that the competition’s participants will provide new original solutions, the implementation of which will help to increase yields and minimize losses in both agricultural holdings and farms.