Tuesday, September 27, 2022
MLIT Conference Hall, 5th floor
E. Alexandrov, I. Alexandrov, D. Belyakov, N. Davydova, L. Kalmykova, M. Lyubimova, T. Sapozhnikova, T. Syresina, A. Yakovlev, P. Zrelov

Development of an information-analytical system for the support and maintenance of licenses at MLIT JINR

Speaker: A. Yakovlev
The License Management System (LMS) was developed at MLIT JINR. The main objective of creating the LMS is the automation of the management, acquisition, maintenance and use of licensed software.
The architecture and object model of the LMS database were developed. The design of the Web interface of the system was completed. The initial release of the LMS was implemented.
I. Filozova, G. Shestakova, R. Semenov, T. Zaikina

Сuration of bibliographic metadata of the institutional repository on the Invenio-JOIN2 platform

Speaker: T. Zaikina
The quality of the content of any information system is one of the key factors that makes it attractive to end users. The way to organize the better quality of the institutional repository content is to ensure the process of continuous curation of bibliographic metadata (the main digital objects of such kind information systems).
The work presents a set of utilities and services that has been developed to facilitate the implementation of some specialized standard curation processes for the JINR Publications Server.