Status of cooperation with China

On 13 October, the current state and prospects of scientific and technical cooperation with the People’s Republic of China were discussed at the Joint Institute. It was noted that the need to develop this cooperation had increased.

Representatives of the Institute’s laboratories delivered presentations on current cooperation with Chinese scientific organizations and the prospects for its development at the meeting. Participants of the international scientific collaborations in JINR and China spoke about their mutual involvement in the scientific projects of these collaborations.

The issue of joint participation in major international projects between JINR and PRC was one of the key topics of the meeting. The interest in the development of cooperation between several JINR laboratories with Chinese organizations is represented by the NICA complex, projects in the areas of accelerator technology and the creation of detectors, work within the framework of the SPD collaboration, joint work on an electromagnetic calorimeter for MPD.

Radiation research and information technology were also highlighted as promising areas of cooperation.

The participants of the meeting stressed the need to attract young Chinese JINR specialists in schools and internships for students and young scientists in the framework of the postdoc programme of the Institute.

The meeting highlighted the diversity and scale of the current cooperation between almost all of the Institute’s laboratories and research organizations and universities of the PRC and the great potential for the development of this cooperation. JINR Director proposed to establish a working group that would identify the most promising topics and projects. A joint online meeting of JINR and interested Chinese scientific organizations will be prepared in the near future to discuss both research and scientific-organizational issues with the aim of harmonizing the cooperation between JINR and China with its scale and multidisciplinary character.