Wednesday, November 9, 2022
MLIT Conference Hall, Online seminar via Webex
A. A. Sushchenko
Department of Mathematical and Computer Modeling Institute of Mathematics and Computer Technologies Far Eastern Federal University

Simulation of the ocean remote sensing process

Theoretical results on the correctness of initial-boundary value problems for the radiative transfer equation with generalized conjugation conditions at the media interfaces are obtained. Theorems on the existence, uniqueness, and stabilization of the solution of the initial-boundary value problem with generalized conjugation conditions at the interface in bounded and unbounded media are proved. Methods of the theory of strongly continuous one-parameter semigroups of linear operators in Banach spaces and general theorems of functional analysis were used. A new model of pulsed sounding of the seabed with a side-scan sonar is constructed. Inverse problems, which consist in determining the bottom scattering coefficient and a function describing small deviations of the bottom surface from an average level, are solved. In the study of inverse problems, elements of the theory of deferential and integral equations were used. The software has been developed, with the help of which the testing of algorithms for filtering volumetric scattering in the ocean was carried out on real data.

More information on the seminar and the link to connect via Webex are available at Indico.