Calculations for large-scale scientific projects were discussed at the MEPhI

On December 14, the second seminar of the cycle "Elementary Particle Physics and Cosmophysics" dedicated to the topical issues of modern science and technology was held at the Institute of Cosmophysics of National Research Nuclear University MEPhI. The speaker at the event was Vladimir Korenkov, Director of the JINR Meshcheryakov Laboratory of Information Technology (MLIT), with a report "Integration of distributed and parallel computing for large-scale scientific projects".

The Director of the MLIT JINR spoke about the concept of a global computer infrastructure for storing, processing and analyzing experimental data at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN and about the experience of creating a distributed information and computing environment of JINR, which was organized on the DIRAC Interware platform.

According to the speaker, in the data processing structure of the CMS experiment at LHC, the Tier-1 center at JINR is in first place in the world out of all seven Tier-1 centers that provide CMS.