Monday, January 23, 2023 - Friday, January 27, 2023      Online,Russia

Thirtieth International Conference "Mathematics. Computer. Education" (MCE-2023) will be held on 23 – 27 January 2023 in a distance format on the Zoom platform. To participate in the Conference, register.
The Conference may be attended without a report; participants without a report are advised to submit an application no later than January 22, 2023 (participants who do not submit a report at the conference do not pay for an appointment; links for connecting to an online conference will be published on the site in the public domain).
Mathematics is a well-known language that unites contemporary science. Most mathematical concepts have applicability far beyond the context they have originated from. The main objective of the Conference is to provide a platform for constructive dialogue between professionals in various fields of knowledge – from pure mathematical theory to application of mathematical models and information technology in scientific research and education.
Within the framework of the Conference, the following will be held:
- the International Symposium “Biophysics of complex systems. Computational and systems biology. Molecular modeling”.
- the round table “The Cultural space of Russia. Russian scientific language".

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Puschino Scientific Center (Puschino, Russia Academy of Science), Institute of Cell Biophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics (Russian Academy of Sciences), Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna), Dubna State University, Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology (Moscow, Russian Academy of Science), Keldysh Institute for Applied Mathematics (Moscow, Russian Academy of Science), National Committee of Russian Biophysicists of the Russian Academy of Science, the Interregional Public Organization “Women in Science and Education”.