Monday, May 22, 2023
MLIT Room 310
1. Baranov D.A.

Software develoment for microstrip tracking detectors of the BM@N experiment

The report provides a brief overview of software develoment for simulation and data processing concerning microstrip detectors of the tracking system in the BM@N experiment for the experimental runs have already been performed.
2. Alexandrov E., Formica A., Mineev M., Ozturk N., Roe S., Vogel M.

The development of a new conditions database prototype for ATLAS within the CREST project

Speaker: Mineev M.
The CREST project is a new realization of the Conditions DB for the ATLAS experiment.
The data access was realized with a pure REST API with JSON support.
The CREST development was focused on the optimization of the DB structure and the data access.
The components written by one of the authors (CrestApi, crest_cmd and utilities) are considered in details.
3. Volokhova A.V.

Numerical study of the electron hydration process and the gas condensate filtration through a porous medium

Methods, software packages and results of numerical study of two mathematical models of evolutionary physical processes described by initial-boundary value problems for systems of nonlinear partial differential equations have been presented. Numerical investigation of both models requires the massive calculations in a wide range of model parameters to find conditions for adequate reproduction of the time-dependent characteristics observed in the experiment. The reasonable agreement of numerical results with the corresponding experimental data confirms the adequacy of the approaches used and the prospects for their further use and development.