Congratulations to the authors on receiving the state registration of the program!

The Innovations and Intellectual Property Department of JINR announces that Joint Institute for Nuclear Research has received a certificate of state registration of the software “Program for analysing work of websites of organizations cooperating with JINR” on 1 June 2023.
Authors are Vladimir Eliseev (MLIT) and Tatiana Tyupikova (LRB).

Program for analysing work of websites of organizations cooperating with JINR

The program is designed to analyse the websites of organizations cooperating with the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. This information is necessary for the JINR management staff who check the details of the organization and contact information on the website. The program allows identifying that the website is in working order, as well as that it is the website of an organization that cooperates with JINR. The program analyses the following data: location of the organization (country, city); name (unique for the country). JINR directories containing countries, cities, organizations are used to reduce errors in data analysis. The program functions allow controlling access to the main web pages of organizations. At start, the synchronisation of general and local directories is carried out, namely monitoring changes and rewriting if necessary. The control protocol, the date and time of the launch are carried out. If necessary, you can make changes to the recordings manually. The program can run both in automatic mode with start frequency setting and in manual mode.

Computer type: IBM PC-compatible. PC based on Intel, AMD processors. OS: Windows 7 and further versions.
Programming language: Delphi 10
Programme size: 1316 KB