Software for building digital twins of distributed data centers

Dear Colleagues!
The employees of our Laboratory have developed and registered a software package for creating digital twins (DC) of distributed centers for collecting, storing and processing data (RDPC). The uniqueness of this program is that the DCs created with its help effectively monitor the work of the RDC in terms of data flows and related tasks. According to the developers, the created software is proposed to be used primarily in the design and operation of computing infrastructures for physical experiments.

The digital twin of the data center is a virtual copy of the data center that shows how it works in any possible scenario. The software package for the creation of a digital document, developed at LIT, has no analogues yet. “At present, there are programs in the world to create digital twins, but they all reflect the data center from the point of view of engineering infrastructure: how electricity works, how air flows, and so on,” says Daria Pryakhina, a researcher at LIT JINR. - "We have developed a software package that will create twins that reproduce the processes of receiving, collecting, transmitting, storing data and processing it. Such twins will be especially useful when building, operating and improving the computing architectures of various kinds of experimental facilities, for example, the NICA complex at our Institute, since such facilities collect and will continue to collect huge amounts of data that need to be stored and quickly processed, which will allow scientists to make grandiose discoveries".

The main component of the software package is an algorithm that implements the simulation of distributed centers, taking into account the characteristics of data flows and tasks for storage and processing, as well as the probabilities of changes in the processes occurring in the RDC. The program also implements processes for obtaining information about data centers (architecture, equipment parameters, characteristics of data flows and tasks, events taking place in the data center, system scaling scenarios), structuring and saving the results of digital twins. For the user, the possibility of graphical construction of the RDC infrastructure, the launch of the DC and the visualization of the results of its work has been developed.

A group of developers – LIT scientific director Vladimir Korenkov, researcher Daria Pryakhina and lead programmer Vladimir Trofimov – registered their software package for creating digital twins of distributed centers for collecting, storing and processing data in the Rosreestr of computer programs on August 14, 2023.

We congratulate the authors and wish them further creative success!