Tuesday, October 10, 2023
MLIT Room 310, Online seminar via Webinar
O.O. Voskresenskaya

Methods and algorithms for calculating the relativistic heavy ion ionization energy loss in matter, modeling extremely high energy electromagnetic cascades and some complex physical-chemical systems

The report presents the main results of research for 2018−2023 related to the numerical and analytical calculations of the relativistic heavy ion ionization energy loss in matter; to the development of a theoretical, mathematical, and computational basis for exploring electromagnetic cascade showers in ultra-high energy cosmic ray physics; to the mathematical and computational support of the DIRAC project; and also to the modeling of complex physical-chemical systems. Particular attention is paid to the developed effective algorithms for calculating the normalized Mott differential cross section, the Mott corrections to the Bethe stopping power formula at moderately relativistic energies, as well as the relative Mott corrections to the most important first-order Born central moments and standardized central moments of heavy ion energy loss distributions, which reduce the calculation of these quantities to the summation of rapidly converging infinite series and can be implemented using methods for their numerical summation with a given level of precision.

Information on the seminar and the link to connect are available at Indico.
S. Belov

JINR Digital ecosystem: status and plans

The report provides an overview of the current state of work on the creation of the JINR Digital Ecosystem, prospects and plans for its development. The main approaches to building the basic infrastructure, system and application services are discussed. In the context of the Strategic Development Plan of the Institute, the Seven-Year Plan, the Problem-thematic Plan, the upcoming activities of sector No. 4 "Development and maintenance of the digital Ecosystem (CES)" of the Scientific and Technical Department of External Communications and Distributed Information Systems of LIT are considered..

Information on the seminar and the link to connect are available at Indico.