Friday, October 13, 2023
MLIT Room 310, Online seminar via Webinar
Golosov Pavel
(RPA of NE and PA)

Methodology for managing specialized distributed computing systems based on intelligent agents

Development of theoretical foundations for the construction of distributed computing systems for special purposes without deterministic planning mechanisms (there is no Scheduling function); development of heuristic algorithms for managing a specialized distributed computing system based on sporadic control mechanisms using intelligent agents (IA); building a multi-purpose universal simulation model that allows you to simulate the implementation of various processes in a computer system without using a scheduler (without an objective function); research into the capabilities of such systems based on the use of developed mechanisms for solving problems of managing distributed computing systems, optimizing the management of production processes, optimizing logistics processes, optimizing the solution of problems of searching for hash functions of a given complexity, etc.; study of the efficiency of the proposed control mechanism based on sporadic control using IA on a specially developed universal simulation model under various laws of input flows (Poisson, exponential, uniform and with a constant repetition interval); analysis of the areas of applicability of the proposed control mechanism from the point of view of various computer system resources.

Information on the seminar and the link to connect are available at Indico.