Online-seminar "Digital Twins in Networking: Next Generation Testing and Emulation"

Dear Colleagues,
On Wednesday, November 15 at 19:00 MSK within the consortium "Network and Cloud Technologies" online-seminar from will take place.

Topic: "Digital Twins in Networking: Next Generation Testing and Emulation"



Digital twins (DTs), the digital representation of a physical entity, are emerging as an important tool for network modelling, simulation, and testing. The cost of hardware-based testing, especially in wireless networks, is making twins a virtual alternative to traditional testbeds. And because twins depend on the actual network data and can be fully integrated to the network, they offer a more realistic environment for hypothesis testing when compared to traditional emulation and pave the way for increased AI in network operations. But twins are now also used in many fields and require networks to support them. The panel will review the current status of DTs in networking and networking for DTs and highlight the challenges of DT development in a complex, dynamic and connected environment.