Tuesday, November 21, 2023
MLIT Room 310
Bijan Saha

Interacting spinor and electromagnetic fields in cosmology

Seminar of the scientific department of computational physics

Within the scope of a Bianchi type-I (BI) cosmological model we study the interacting system of spinor and electromagnetic fields. In some earlier studies it was found that the nonlinear spinor field in BI space-time automatically becomes massless and linear or leads to the isotropization of space-time in question. Whereas, in case pure electromagnetic field with induced nonlinearity there occurs severe restrictions on the components of vector potential. The motivation for considering the interacting system was to see whether such generalization can remove the restrictions mentioned above. The corresponding system of Maxwell, Dirac and Einstein equations are obtained and solved. It was found that under such generalization nonlinear and massive spinor field can exist in a general BI space-time and give rise to different type of solutions depending on the choice of nonlinear and interacting term.

Information on the seminar is available at Indico.