RAPORTIRENKO Anatoliy Mikhailovich 13.11.1953 – 15.11.2023

On November 15, 2023, the leading programmer of the Scientific Department of Computational Physics of the M.G. Meshcheryakov Laboratory of Information Technologies Anatoly Mikhailovich Raportirenko died suddenly.
Raportirenko Anatoly Mikhailovich was born on November 13, 1953 in the Priluki city, Chernihiv region.
Since 1977, after graduating from the Faculty of Physics and Technology of Kharkov State University, Raportirenko A.M. worked at JINR. He moved to LIT (LVTA) in 1980, where he was involved in the development and maintenance of mathematical software.

From the first day of work in the laboratory, Anatoly Mikhailovich took up the most important and labor-intensive work, which required the highest qualifications and perseverance. Raportirenko A.M. developed an interpreter for the Standard LISP language in C; supported freely distributed computer algebra systems (GAP, MAXIMA, FORM) at JINR.

Recently, Raportirenko A.M. work was carried out that made it possible to use the REDUCE computer algebra system on the Common LISP gsl and cmucl interpreters, as well as the dialect of the AXIOM computer algebra system - Fricas on the Common LISP cmucl interpreter. Thanks to his efforts, the computer algebra software packages REDUCE and AXIOM became available on modern computing systems to a wide range of JINR users.

Raportirenko A.M. developed a specialized archive for electronic images from tomographs, supported the software of the NICA/MPD project on the VBLHEP and LIT clusters.

Anatoly Mikhailovich devoted a lot of effort and attention to work related to the organization of computing infrastructure for the preparation of electronic publications by the JINR Publishing Department, support and adaptation of the software necessary for publishing activities.

Raportirenko A.M. distinguished by high professionalism and a sense of responsibility for the work performed. Fruitful work of Raportirenko A.M. was awarded with well-deserved awards - departmental insignia for work “Veteran of Nuclear Energy and Industry”, JINR’s Honorary Diploma, JINR’s Certificate of Honor and Letter of Gratitude from JINR. He enjoyed well-deserved authority and respect among the employees of the Laboratory and the Institute.

The staff of the M.G. Meshcheryakov Laboratory of Information Technologies expresses sincere sympathy and condolences to the family and friends of Anatoly Mikhailovich Raportirenko. Raportirenko A.M. has gained a tactful and friendly attitude towards people, responsiveness and modesty respect from work colleagues. The bright memory of him will remain in the hearts of those who knew him, worked and communicated with him.

Directorate of the Meshcheryakov Laboratory of Information Technologies, colleagues and friends.