A cloud cluster has been launched in the INP Almaty and the JINR Information Center has been opened

On November 11, at the Institute of Nuclear Physics (INP) of the Republic of Kazakhstan Ministry of Energy, as part of the JINR CP visiting session, the work of the JINR new cloud computing cluster at the INP was officially launched and the grand opening of the tenth JINR Information Center took place.

The first JINR cloud computing cluster in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the 11th in a row was included in the distributed information computing environment of the Joint Institute. The INP cloud cluster resources will be able to be used by employees of scientific institutes and universities of Kazakhstan as part of their own research, and as part of cooperation with JINR, taking part in the mega-science projects NICA and Baikal-GVD. The cluster, included in the JINR distributed information computing environment and organizations of JINR member countries, allows access to a larger number of hardware resources than in the case of using the INP cloud only locally, which opens up opportunities for scientists to obtain scientific results in a shorter time.

At the new information center opening, JINR Director Grigory Trubnikov and INP General Director, Plenipotentiary Representative of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan at JINR Sayabek Sakhiyev emphasized that the joining of the Almaty Institute of Nuclear Physics to the JINR distributed cloud computing network will allow combining the efforts and resources of the JINR participating countries in solving fundamental and applied tasks in order to quickly perform complex calculations and ensure highly accurate results of ongoing research and make cooperation more effective.

Scientific Director of the JINR Laboratory of Information Technologies Vladimir Korenkov noted that the creation of the JINR distributed information computing environment to combine the computing power of organizations of the Institute’s member countries is one of the key projects of LIT. Clusters help distribute peak load among participants in the cloud environment and provide access to various JINR experiments. “Currently, the distributed information and computing environment has 10 centers in seven countries, and I am glad to take part in the opening of the 11th center - a cloud cluster at the Institute of Nuclear Physics in Almaty in Kazakhstan. The opening of the cluster will allow us to expand our cooperation not only in the field of physical research, but also in the field of information technology, which is essential in large-scale experiments,” said Vladimir Korenkov.