Tuesday, December 12, 2023
Blokhintsev Lecture Hall, BLTP, online on Zoom
Viktor Yushankhai, Liudmila Siurakshina

Simulated quantum computations of charge transport in bio-nanostructures

Seminar “Theory of Condensed Matter”. Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics

Digital quantum computing is considered as a special discipline within the field of theoretical physics. In this direction, numerous quantum algorithms for solving problems of modern quantum physics are regularly being created and tested by their simulation on ordinary classical computers. A peculiar example along this way together with results obtained are reported in our talk.

We consider the dynamics of quantum charge transport in complexes of organic molecules, including a benzene ring, DNA molecule, and the photosynthetic FMO complex in green sulfur bacteria, including effects of their interaction with an environment. For this purpose, an open-source software package LindbladMPO was used, which allows us to find numerical solutions to the Lindblad equation describing the time evolution of the density matrix of open quantum systems.

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